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"Be prepared for this duo to shake the foundations of the alternative country scene"

- Vickye, For The Country Record

Photo by Samantha Hern

Song-sirens Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell were veterans of intricate song-crafting and the bright lights of the stage on their own, but together, they discovered a shared talent for firecracker lyrics and glistening harmonies that became irresistible. The ladies penned a tune while participating in a songwriting challenge that sparked the notion to forge a Badass, Harmony-Laced, Folk/Rock driven, Americana Lady Duo. Thus: Crimson Calamity was born.


With inspiration from artists like Brandi Carlile, The Civil Wars and Fleetwood Mac, Crimson Calamity infused their influences into all of their releases.' The music Crimson Calamity is devoted to creating embodies both sultry rock and traditional Americana aspects. Fans of both genres will hear these attributes in every song the gals concoct.


The fiery twosome, who also host the music podcast 'The Liner Notes with Crimson Calamity,' released their new EP 'WildCard' on 2/11/22. This wistful collection of songs showcases the evolution of the pair’s artistry that is seasoned and re-energized, while still offering their signature sound. 

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